Maximum Results

OPIOX PHARMA, established in 2008 with two facilities, one in Greece and one in Denmark. Since then, in order to supply the increasing demand, we have added a third laboratory which is in Scandinavia and changed our name to OPIOX PHARMA Innovations. We export WORLDWIDE such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Swiss, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Iran where steroid consumption is great.

By taking into consideration the customer feedback received over the years, we initiated an intensive study which took 1.5 years where we pinpointed all the subjects needs to be improved, including but not limited to, raw materials, painless formula, speed of delivery. We replaced the bulky 10ml vials with slimmer 2ml vials because its more sterile.

We follow the cGMP standards to ensure that best products are served. Raw material suppliers were picked using MERCK CHEMICALS & SASOL CHEMICALS from GERMANY.

This products is carefully designed to ensure maximum results.
Pure raw materials and attentive sterilization conditions are floowed.
Customers satisfaction in guaranteed and therefore, we have rightfully earned the title.

"No 1 Seller in Europe"

Thank You!